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Hamilton County Public Health is made up of two departments – the Department of Community Health Services and the Department of Environmental Health Services. Though each department is made up of divisions and programs that carry out unique public health functions, they each work closely together to prevent disease and injury, promote wellness, and protect people from environmental hazards.

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Popular Program Searches

Community Health

Environmental Health

Birth Certificates Backflow
Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps Clean Kitchen Awards
Community Health & Disease Prevention Dog Bites/Rabies
Death Certificates Food Service Inspections
Emergency Preparedness & Response Program Housing & Nuisance
Epidemiology & Assessment (data) Inspection Results Online
Harm Reduction Program Plumbing
Health Promotion & Education Sanitary Sewer Overflows
Sewage Treatment/Septic Systems
Stormwater Hotline
Tattoos & Piercings
Water Quality
Waste Management


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